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How Companies Can Best Communicate to Consumers about Recycling Their Products

New Report Details What Works, What Doesn't to Prompt Consumer Action Scottsdale, Ariz., December 5, 2012 -- Providing consumers with a centralized national directory is the best way to communicate recycling information, says a new report written by Earth911, an Infinity Resources Holdings company. Earth911 has operated the nation’s largest recycling directory, which includes over 350 materials, for more than 21 years. Creating a recycling directory is often seen as a quick solution to informing consumers about recycling a particular item, but companies and industry groups that take on the task will quickly realize that it’s far more difficult than it appears. The complexity of recycling markets makes it a high-maintenance task to track and update the recycling availability for materials, since the rules about recycling change from corner to corner across the U.S. "With sustainability and customer satisfaction ranking high in the minds of today's top execs, we saw a need to dive deeper to discuss what it really takes to make a dataset like ours work in the real world," said Corey Lambrecht, Earth911 President. “The bottom line is that you can ask consumers to recycle your product, but at the end of the day, they have to know where and how. Companies that create their own recycling directories to fulfill a brand promise are on the right track, but reliable data is the key to a solid consumer experience. One bad piece of information can have long-lasting repercussions.” In the report, Earth911 looks at several different implementations of recycling directories, including those that are specific to a family of materials, and breaks down the differences of the quality of the information in each. Earth911 cites examples, such as the state of Minnesota, where two different brands of syrup bottles have vastly different recycling availability. The report also discusses the dynamic nature of recycling information and how cataloging and presenting it to consumers is a hands-on task for a dedicated team. Distribution of the directory information must also be expanded from the web to mobile and scanning technologies that put the exact product information at the fingertips of consumers the instant they need to recycle an item. The report “Recycling Directories: What Works, What Doesn’t” is available for free download (11 pp., PDF) at http://business.earth911.com. ABOUT EARTH911 Earth911 gathers, distributes and analyzes localized recycling information to assist manufacturers, organizations and consumers with product end-of-life solutions. Working to increase the recycling and disposal of consumer goods since 1991, Earth911′s services enhance and support companies’ responsible waste initiatives. The Earth911 Recycling Directory is the largest and most accurate in the nation, with more than 1.5 million ways to recycle more than 350 materials. Follow @Earth911BizNews or visit http://business.earth911.com to learn more. Earth911, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infinity Resources Holdings Corporation (YCNGD – OBB). Infinity Resources Holdings companies provide innovative waste reduction and landfill diversion solutions for recycling and proper disposal of commercial and consumer waste streams. Visit http://www.infinityresourcesholdingscorp.com. MEDIA CONTACT: Susan Larsen Business Communications Manager Earth911, Inc. 480.889.2650 [email protected] FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS This document contains forward-looking statements that are subject to a number of risks, assumptions, and uncertainties that could cause the Company's actual results to differ materially from those projected. These risks, assumptions, and uncertainties include the following: the ability of the Company to raise capital; the ability to complete systems within currently estimated time frames and budgets; the ability to compete effectively in a rapidly evolving and price-competitive marketplace; changes in nature of telecommunications regulation in the United States and other countries; changes in business strategy; the successful integration of newly acquired businesses; the impact of technical change; and other risks referenced from time to time in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Contact: Infinity Resources Corp. Barry Monheit, CEO [email protected] Investor Relations: Barry Gross 361.949.4999


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