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NativeEnergy Launches International Carbon Offset Partnership that Provides Safe Water and Cuts CO2 Pollution

BURLINGTON, Vt. / GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – November 29, 2012 – NativeEnergy, a leading provider of carbon offsets, is launching a program that combines clean water with carbon reductions in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, and other developing countries. Credits are now available from the Kenya Clean Water Project, which will reduce 100,000 tons of greenhouse gas pollution. All projects are being certified to the Gold Standard, the leading international carbon offset standard. “This program breaks the mold,” said Jeff Bernicke, NativeEnergy’s president. “Combining water filtration and carbon reductions is an elegantly simple and effective way to address pressing environmental and health problems. Using our signature Help Build™ carbon offsets, NativeEnergy will provide essential early funding to the project based on the greenhouse gas reductions it will produce.” The projects will use Hydraid® BioSand water filters manufactured by NativeEnergy’s partner, Triple Quest of Grand Rapids, Michigan. These filters incorporate patented advancements to a slow sand filtration method originally devised more than 150 years ago. This eliminates the greenhouse gas emissions that typically result from boiling water using unsustainably harvested wood. Kirsten McKnight of NativeEnergy traveled to Kenya in June to help launch the project. “Our experience at home is just so different from the situation we found in Africa,” she recalls. “A safe water supply seems almost a luxury in some communities. The reception we received was wonderful. At NativeEnergy, we’re all motivated to address climate change, but it’s especially moving to be able to accomplish environmental goals while also protecting people’s health.” Christina Keller of Triple Quest remarked: “We’re proud to be engaged with NativeEnergy—a company that shares our commitment to sustainable business practices. This important partnership, which combines the value of the carbon credits with Hydraid® filters, means we can reach more communities in need of clean water and reduce the terrible loss of life from waterborne diseases. Our studies show that the filter is improving the health of the families using it as part of an overall program of hygiene and sanitation.” The Hydraid® filter is a simple, lightweight household-sized unit powered by gravity. Users can reduce biological contaminants by pouring surface or ground water through the filter to obtain water that is safe for drinking, food preparation, personal hygiene, and sanitation. With no moving parts to replace, the filter is extremely durable and lasts beyond 10 years, making it the most sustainable filter available today. More than 55,000 Hydraid® filters have been distributed in over 35 developing countries worldwide. The low cost filter significantly improves water quality and has demonstrated reduction of diarrheal disease by 59%. Diarrheal disease caused by the lack of clean water is one of the leading causes of death in the developing world. Viability Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya, is overseeing the project development. Viability has developed multiple renewable energy and carbon projects in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. **>> Learn more about this projectAbout NativeEnergyNativeEnergy is an expert provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software. With NativeEnergy’s Help Build™ offsets, businesses and individuals can help finance the construction of wind, biogas, solar, and other carbon reduction projects with strong social and environmental benefits. Since 2000, NativeEnergy’s customers have helped build over 50 projects, reducing more than 2.5 million tons of greenhouse gases, and the company has over 4 million tons under contract. All NativeEnergy carbon offsets undergo third-party validation and verification. Learn more at www.nativeenergy.com. About Triple QuestTriple Quest is a collaborative venture involving Cascade Engineering and The Windquest Group, a West Michigan-based private investment fund. Triple Quest is a sustainable enterprise that provides essential needs products to at-risk families in developing countries by bringing together the resources and objectives of non-governmental organizations, corporations and other partners. Triple Quest’s partners include nonprofit groups Safe Water Team, Thirsting to Serve, Global Sustainable Partnerships, Rotary, and Pure Water for the World; socially responsible companies such as Amway, Dow, Bobble, and Lighthouse Foods; and the U.S. Navy’s Project Handclasp logistics support initiative. About Viability AfricaViability Africa, LLC is a project development and financial advisory firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. The firm works with innovative sustainable energy projects such as efficient cook stove, solar lighting, water purification as well as large scale wind, solar, biomass, and hydro power plants. The firm works across sub-Saharan Africa to deliver these solutions to some of the most rural areas of the world, focusing on providing innovative financial solutions.


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