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Press Release
Sonos Announces Long-term Sustainability Commitment

  • Introduces Sonos Climate Action Plan, commits to being carbon neutral by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2040.
  • Launches Product Sustainability Program to drive down the environmental impact of its products.

Today Sonos introduced its first Climate Action Plan as the foundation of its commitment to a more sustainable future. Implementing the plan will drive Sonos’ value chain to carbon neutrality by 2030 and to net zero by 2040. Details of the plan were released as part of Sonos’ 2021 Listen Better Report, offering an annual overview of the company’s ESG efforts. 

“With our Climate Action Plan, we’re entering a new phase in our commitment to environmental responsibility, stepping up our efforts across the board to reduce our impact,” said Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO. “Sonos is a company founded on innovation; we are invigorated by the challenge to innovate and create better solutions for our customers and for the planet.”

Complementing a clear and measurable climate plan, Sonos also introduced a new approach to product sustainability, with an immediate goal of improving energy efficiency, given that more than three quarters of Sonos’ carbon emissions can be attributed to the energy consumed during each product’s lifecycle. 

View the full release here and read the report here.


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