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Timberland Recognized for Global Tree-Planting Milestones

As an outdoor lifestyle brand, Timberland has a legacy of protecting and restoring the outdoors and supporting the communities in which it operates. Tree planting plays an important role in this commitment. Since 2001, Timberland has planted 8.7 million trees around the world, empowering thousands of smallholder farmers in the process. For its tree planting milestones around the globe, Timberland was recently recognized by the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards, the Stevie American Business Awards and the Classy Awards.

On June 22, Timberland’s tree planting efforts in Haiti were honored as the “Project of the Year” at the 2016 Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards. The award recognizes excellence in products, services and projects that provide companies with environmental, sustainability and energy management benefits. Timberland’s work with local partners in Haiti to form the nonprofit Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA), has resulted in an innovative and sustainable business model that improved farmers’ lives and is helping create a greener future for Haiti.

For its profound impact in Haiti, Timberland was also chosen as a top 100 finalist for the 2016 Classy Awards. The Classy Awards spotlight changemakers who address the most complex and severe problems plaguing communities today. This year, Timberland was selected as a top 100 finalist, from 1,300 nonprofit and social enterprise programs for its tree planting initiatives in Haiti, which offers seeds, tools and training to farmers who volunteer to plant trees. The program has evolved into an innovative and sustainable business cooperative that improved farmers’ lives and is helping create a greener future for Haiti.

On June 20 at the 14th Annual American Business Awards, the brand was also recognized as a “Gold” Stevie Award winner as the Corporate Responsibility Program of the Year category for its tree planting initiatives. 2015 marked the culmination of two important milestones for Timberland: planting its two-millionth tree in Northern China’s Horqin Desert, and planting its five-millionth tree in Haiti. Both of these efforts yielded meaningful results that have truly bettered the lives of people around the world.

“From the start, Timberland was always determined to create lasting value beyond the trees themselves, and develop innovative solutions that would drive real change,” said Margaret Morey-Reuner, director of strategic partnerships and business development at Timberland. “We are thrilled to see our tree planting commitments around the globe receive such prestigious recognition, on behalf of our employees, trusted partners and the communities we aim to serve.”

What began as ambitious tree planting initiatives has evolved to a companywide commitment, thanks to Timberland’s impassioned employee base and partners. To learn more about how Timberland is making a difference in terms of its products, the outdoors and the communities it serves, visit:


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