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Building successful stakeholder programs and aligning industry-wide sustainability goals

Building successful stakeholder programs and aligning industry-wide sustainability goals

Monday, 16 November 2020
2:00pm EDT / 11:00am PDT / 7:00pm BST / 8:00pm CEST
Sponsored By
Vinyl Sustainability Council
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Building a sustainability program that supports an entire industry can be challenging. Pleasing stakeholders with competing priorities can feel like an exercise in herding cats. However, with a clear vision, solid plan, strong persuasive skills, and a willingness to compromise, significant progress can be achieved.

This webinar will explore how to align industry-wide goals to amplify sustainability efforts. Join the Vinyl Sustainability Council as they describe their journey from nascent idea to program implementation and how they built the +Vantage Vinyl brand.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Building consensus in a multi-stakeholder program.
  2. Strategies for accelerating program implementation.
  3. Not everyone is your friend. How to identify and influence your target audience.
  4. Driving change without position power.
  5. Maintaining your sanity during program setbacks.

+Vantage Vinyl™ is a voluntary initiative to advance the U.S. vinyl industry’s contribution to sustainable development. It aims to drive continuous improvement across all three sectors of sustainability – environmental, social and economic performance.


Jay Thomas
Executive Director
Vinyl Sustainability Council

Jay Thomas serves as the Vice President of Sustainability for the Vinyl Institute and the Executive Director of the Vinyl Sustainability Council. In these roles he is responsible for developing and implementing the strategies and tactics that support the sustainability mission and policies of the Vinyl Institute.

Susan Wade
VP Marketing & Communications at Vinyl Institute

Susan is responsible for development, managing and driving all the Vinyl Institute's and Vinyl Sustainability Council's marketing and communications efforts on a national level.

Jennifer Armstrong
Sustainability Manager at Vinyl Sustainability Council

After the past decade in the international development sustainability space, Jennifer recently transitioned to supporting the Vinyl Sustainability Council. Jennifer is responsible for providing hands-on assistance in managing the +Vantage Vinyl industry sustainability initiative and the Vinyl Sustainability Council.

Jennifer Rowe
Global ESG, Sustainability & Resiliency Strategist and Business Development leader

With more than two decades of experience in sales and marketing, Jenna’s focus has evolved to specializing in sustainability or environmental, social, governance/corporate social responsibility arena. Leveraging a demonstrated track record for strategy and innovation, she promotes awareness and an actionable understanding of the U.N. Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include non-traditional sustainability issues such as health & safety, diversity & inclusion, and resiliency.