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The Sustainable Brands community sits at the forefront of making the case that embedding environmental and social purpose into the core of a brand is the future of business. SB Insights enables the success of better brands by providing direction to key trends and emerging best practices, as well delivers tools and resources to support the implementation of transformational programs within companies. Learn about recent initiatives and the resources that will help turn your ideas into action.

The Good Life Initiative

There is a subtle shift among global societal aspirations towards the good life. Rather than the pursuit of money & status, recent research suggests consumers are collectively beginning to seek balance and simplicity, along with greater connection to family, community and the environment as foundations of a life well lived.

Consumers are beginning to expect more from the brands they choose to support. For brands to remain competitive amidst a changing landscape, they must evolve with new generations of consumers. To validate our sense of this subtle shift in global societal aspirations, Sustainable Brands launched a three-year initiative to help businesses understand and enable The Good Life that is emerging within the global marketplace.

The Good Life Research
SB Transformation Roadmap

The SB Brand Transformation Roadmapâ„  is a pioneering self-assessment tool that provides a comprehensive process plan for continuous improvement in sustainability. A first of its kind, it is specifically designed for mainstream brands and businesses who are navigating their journey towards more sustainable business practices.

This practical and flexible tool provides opportunity for continuous improvement and goal prioritization. It is built on and supports existing thought leadership and best practices. The tool applies to companies regardless of leadership style, sustainability focus, industry sector, and rate of momentum that a company has around sustainability.

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Brands for Good

#BrandsforGood is a movement initiated by Sustainable Brands, that uses the voices of our brands and companies to demonstrate and encourage sustainable behavior. Depending on sources, research says that somewhere between 65% and 95% of people today wish to live a more sustainable life, and to purchase products that support a more sustainable future. Our challenge is to close the intention to action gap AND shape a culture where sustainable living is seen as the Good LIfe of tomorrow.
SB Knowledge Library

The SB Knowledge Library is a collection of sources of information for business leaders and managers tasked with driving brand-led change within their companies. It is also for individuals and companies committed to supporting and inspiring those brands along their transformative journey, as well as future brand leaders who are looking to measure and amplify impact.

Browse the SB Knowledge Library to absorb cutting-edge thinking and discover the latest trends and topics from global leaders on sustainability-led innovation. Find live event videos, webinars, research reports case studies, and more.

SB Knowledge Library
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