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Alexandra Bede

Director of Sustainability
Grove Collaborative

Alex Bede is the Director of Sustainability for Grove Collaborative, the leading brand and e-commerce platform for safe and sustainable home and personal care products. Grove is proud to be a B Corporation and the world’s first plastic neutral retailer. Alex has spent 6 years at Grove working towards their mission to transform the consumer products industry into a force for human and environmental health. At Grove, Alex manages Grove’s sustainability program, including its Beyond Plastic™ initiative, which aims to innovate products out of single-use plastic. Alex also manages Grove’s industry-wide Plastic Working Group, carbon strategy, sustainability reporting, and corporate giving. Alex holds a degree in Business Administration from University of Washington and previously has worked for other retail companies, such as New Balance. In her free time, Alex enjoys being outdoors in the Bay Area with her husband, son and dog, spending time with her large family, and exploring new cities and countries one meal at a time.