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Anna Spiewak

Anna Spiewak is a content manager at BASF.

How did a former journalist and English major end up working for the largest chemical company in the world? Once I became employed at a scientific magazine — covering biotech, chemistry and life sciences — there was no turning back. Life’s little mysteries were much more fascinating than any work of fiction. As a content creator for corporate America, I get to write about my company’s fascinating innovations and inventions. As an award-winning journalist turned corporate writer, my specialties include: lean writing, meticulous editing, deep-dive research, digital journalism, content creation and management, punchy headlines, visual journalism (photography, video), InDesign, Photoshop and brand journalism.

When I'm not bringing my company's brand strategy to life, my hobbies include languages (proud polyglot), national & international affairs; pop culture trends, science, psychology, music and the arts.

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New Calculator Helps Beauty Formulators Assess Health of Products
New Calculator Helps Beauty Formulators Assess Health of Products

Chemistry, Materials & Packaging / The chemical giant’s 1,4-Dioxane Online Calculator allows beauty and cosmetic formulators to reassess product formulas when necessary, and helps them navigate regulation for continued success. - 3 years ago