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Corey Glickman

Corey Glickman is VP of Infosys' Sustainability & Design business, delivering smart space initiatives for clients globally; and co-author of the book, Practical Sustainability (Houndstooth Press, 2022). Corey is a member of both the World Economic Forum Pioneer Cities group and the MIT Technology Review Board, and is a faculty expert at Singularity University. The American Institute of Graphic Arts named Corey one of the 100 most influential designers of the decade.

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Embracing Digital Tools, EPR to Achieve Sustainable Design
Embracing Digital Tools, EPR to Achieve Sustainable Design

Chemistry, Materials & Packaging / The future of sustainable packaging and design lies in our ability to do most of the important work in a digital space. Manufacturers will be left behind if they fail to embrace tools such as digital twins, 3D product and packaging visualization, and consumer packaging buyback. - 11 months ago

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