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Dan O'Brien

Western Canada Sustainable Business Solutions Leader

Dan is a partner with PwC Canada and leads the Sustainable Business Solutions practice in western Canada. He's established a career working with government and industry on issues related to sustainability and climate change.

Dan has come to understand that creating meaningful impact in society and the environment requires clarity on how sustainability creates value for business. To this end, Dan leads a team that works with businesses to understand and manage risk in their operations related to environment, social and climate change impacts. He also works with clients to provide transparent and credible information to shareholders and customers by providing assurance on their ESG and sustainability reporting.

Dan began his career as a biologist conducting research on the effects of land use on ecosystems and at risk wildlife. He holds a Master of Science in Quantitative Ecology and is a Registered Professional Biologist. Prior to joining PwC, he was involved in supporting multi-stakeholder land use planning processes and species at risk recovery teams. He has published several peer-reviewed articles on research related to climate change impacts and conservation of species at risk.