Laura Quinn

Laura Quinn is the Private Sector Lead at social justice strategy firm Purpose, based in New York. Her 16 years of experience span corporate purpose, sustainability, CSR and brand building across the nonprofit and private sectors. With a career that has spanned Europe, Asia and the US, she brings international perspective to reimagining the ways organizations can be a force for good in the world. Laura holds a principal role across several of Purpose’s most strategic client relationships — tackling issues including human rights, the future of work, civic engagement, gender equality, economic inequality and youth-led climate solutions.

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Talking About Purpose Won't Transform a Brand; These 5 Skills Will
Talking About Purpose Won't Transform a Brand; These 5 Skills Will

Walking the Talk / From our work supporting leaders to deliver brand value through purpose, we’ve identified five skills that every brand leader now needs — but as yet, not enough have. - 2 months ago

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