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Rachel Zipperian

Principal Scientist and Communications Director for Herbal Essences - P&G

After gaining a bachelor’s degree in science, studying chemistry, education, and comprehensive science from the University of Cincinnati (Ohio), Rachel completed her master’s degree in physical organic chemistry, working in photochemistry and molecular modeling. She loves science and people and is inspired to learn about things that are hard to see and challenging to measure. Rachel joined P&G Beauty in 2002 and has worked on brands like Olay, Pantene, Aussie, Natural Instincts before joining the Herbal Essences team. Rachel’s scientific expertise areas include cosmetic chemistry, skin and hair physiology, as well as sustainability and design thinking. She represents P&G Beauty at press and industry events and at scientific and academic conferences. Additionally, as a mother of two daughters, Rachel has a tremendous personal and professional passion for STEAM education, creative thinking and sustainability. She is an active volunteer, working to make the world a better place.