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Press Release
Advito Declares Integration with SAP Concur Solutions

Global travel consultancy Advito has announced the launch of two integrations with Concur® Travel and Concur® Expense, allowing customers to fully optimize their travel program and reduce carbon emissions.

The two applications, Total Trip Insights and GATE4 Insights, are now available on the SAP Concur App Center. The API connection allows robust data to seamlessly flow from SAP Concur solutions directly into Advito’s analytics suite. With Total Trip Insights, customers can consolidate multisource data for a holistic picture of their travel program – identifying savings opportunities and forecasting future trends. With GATE4 Insights, they can meet short- and long-term sustainability goals by measuring and reducing emissions.

Total Trip Insights is a comprehensive data engine and dashboard that combines Concur Expense data with agency data, as well as other third-party sources, to allow customers to analyze the total cost of their travel program. With Total Trip Insights, we are solving one of travel managers’ biggest challenges: travel industry data fragmentation.

GATE4 Insights is designed to help clients measure and reduce travel-related emissions and is driven by Advito’s proprietary carbon emissions calculation methodology for air, hotel, rail, and car programs. GATE4 is the industry’s only ISO-certified calculation methodology for business travel emissions, certified under the ISO 14000 series. It takes into account key factors that significantly affect emissions, like aircraft type, radiative forcing, and more. The ISO certification means that clients can use the reporting data in their annual financial and sustainability reports.

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