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Press Release
AT&T Provides Climate Data that Helps At-Risk Neighborhoods Prepare for Extreme Weather Events

Several weeks ago, a winter storm struck Texas, leaving devastation in its wake. It was so powerful it earned a name – Uri – a recognition reserved typically for tropical storms and hurricanes. And while the storm wreaked destruction, it was particularly damaging in low-income and minority areas.

As the earth’s temperature warms, we may continue to see these extreme examples of climate change that disrupt daily lives, especially in at-risk neighborhoods. From stronger, more frequent hurricanes, to destructive wildfires and increased flooding.

Imagine if communities could look decades into the future to understand how these natural disasters could affect their long-term resilience and stability and heed a warning, especially in the areas typically most affected.

Through our Climate Resiliency Community Challenge, we are finding ways to do just that. We’re bringing data and technology together with leading climate scientists to help cities, counties and states better anticipate, prepare for and respond to looming climate impacts. Researchers have discovered a need to focus on social and economic impact and greater community engagement when exploring climate resilience programs.

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