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BNP Paribas ClimateSeed Wins Gold ‘Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking’ Award

BNP Paribas ClimateSeed has won a gold ‘Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking’ award in the Customer Insight and Growth Banking Innovation Awards 2019, run by EFMA and Accenture

ClimateSeed is a digital voluntary carbon offsetting platform that connects organisations with sustainable projects that capture or avoid carbon emissions, and is BNP Paribas’ first social business targeting climate action. The award recognises innovations that demonstrate an institution’s commitment to address social and environmental issues, support SMEs, and demonstrate their ability to serve clients.

As a Social Business, ClimateSeed reinvests its profits to maximize its environmental and social impact, which includes programmes to educate on decarbonisation. ClimateSeed was launched by BNP Paribas Securities Services during the Global Social Business Summit in November 2018 with Nobel Peace prize laureate Prof Yunus, in collaboration with his consultancy firm - the Grameen Creative Lab.

Winners are selected through a committee judging and member voting process. This incorporates the EFMA committee evaluating all banking and payment innovations on originality, impact and universality.

Sébastien Nunes, CEO at BNP Paribas ClimateSeed said:

“Innovation and sustainability together can accelerate positive impact, and ClimateSeed is honoured to receive this award. Moving towards a more sustainable future requires solutions which encourage companies and investors to scale up their climate action efforts. As a social business, we are also engaged on supporting further social and economic co-benefits for the community, and can play a connecting role bringing together stakeholders across the market to promote the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Antoine Sire, Head of Company Engagement at BNP Paribas Group & Chairman of the ClimateSeed Advisory Board said:

“BNP Paribas has pioneered solutions to maximise positive impact and support sustainable growth. ClimateSeed – as BNP Paribas’ first social business orientated on climate action – is an example of this innovation that services to progress climate solutions towards a low carbon economy. New approaches to the energy transition require embracing collaborative business models, and we are proud to be recognised by EFMA for this award.”


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