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Braskem and Condor develop paint kit with post-consumer plastic

In order to promote initiatives for the recycling of plastic waste through its Wecycle platform, Braskem has joined Condor, a manufacturer of materials for real estate painting and other products, to develop the "Special Sustainable Kit" for paintings, using post-consumer plastic.

This is the first product deriving from the reuse of plastic packaging of printing and road marking paints. Indicated for wall paints, smooth surfaces and finishes, the kit consists of a tray, a brush, two paint rollers, and a holder for fixing them.

The partnership came after a study by Braskem, which identified the need for paint manufacturers and printing companies to find a suitable destination for discarded packaging, promoting the reuse of the material at a competitive cost. From there, through the Wecycle Platform, the discarded packaging began to be collected for the recycling and production of post-consumer polypropylene resin.

Currently, Braskem collects roughly 5,000 packages discarded every month by companies in the paint segment, but the expectation is to double this amount this year. With what is collected, the company supplies two metric tons of post-consumer polypropylene resin monthly to Condor, which can increase this volume according to the company's demand.

"Condor is a company that cares about the environment and wishes to help mitigate the effect of undue disposal of materials. For this reason, we have established a partnership with Braskem. Each month, we receive about two metric tons of resins that are generated from 5,000 buckets used in road marking and printing houses in the South and Southeast. With this material, it is possible to produce up to 6,000 paint kits per month," emphasized Daniel Coutinho, Marketing Coordinator of Condor Pincéis.

Through the Wecycle platform, created in 2015, Braskem seeks to foster businesses that value plastic waste throughout the production chain, contributing to recycling, post-consumption, and the environment. The initiative has already resulted in the partnership with several organizations for the development of products, solutions, and processes related to the reuse of plastic.

"Braskem is committed to creating innovative solutions to promote sustainable development and to meet the demands of our customers and society." The partnership with Condor is an example of this: by studying the market, we have been able to propose a solution to one of the sector's challenges and to create a sustainable product, closing the cycle. Initiatives such as these reinforce our commitment to the circular economy," said Roger Marchioni, Director of Braskem's Polypropylene Business.


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