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Press Release
ClimatePartner launches new solution for climate action

ClimatePartner launches new climate action label "ClimatePartner certified", setting higher requirements for companies including mandatory emissions reduction targets.

In the fight against climate change, the voluntary commitment of companies continues to play a central role. At the same time, the regulatory framework is changing, and existing sustainability standards are being questioned. ClimatePartner has therefore developed a new solution with "ClimatePartner certified", which takes into account the increased demands for comprehensive climate action and in particular the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Companies wishing to use this new label from ClimatePartner must make an initial calculation of their carbon footprint, then recalculate it on a regular basis. Even if companies only plan to use the label for a single product, they must set organisational reduction targets and prove that they have already implemented reduction measures. In addition, companies must contribute to global climate action by financing climate projects. The new "ClimatePartner certified" label is a confirmation and symbol of a company’s climate action commitment.  It refers via a link or QR code to an individual climate-ID page, through which consumers can fully understand the climate action journey of the relevant company. At the click of a mouse, it is possible to see, among other things, what reduction measures have already been implemented and what goals the company is pursuing in order to achieve long-term climate action.

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