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Press Release
Eastman introduces Naia™ Renew for denim

Naia™ Renew offers a circular solution at scale to one of fashion’s most sustainability-demanding segments.

Eastman is on a mission to make sustainable fashion more accessible through the availability of Naia™ Renew at scale, offering versatility for a broad range of fashion segments. Integrating Naia™ Renew into the denim segment brings Eastman one step closer to its mission of making sustainable style accessible to everyone.

The U.S.-based company is showcasing the potential of Naia™ Renew alongside several of its global brand partners, which are already using the innovative fibers in denim.

“The added value we provide brands is not only a fashionable but also a sustainable fiber,” said Carolina Sister Cohn, Eastman global marketing leader for textiles. “Naia™ has a strong and transparent sustainability story that brands can pass on to their customers and denim lovers all over the world, making them more aware of their choices. Third-party certifications play a key role in this scenario because what we promise is verified and proven.”

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