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Las Vegas Teams With Cisco to Become Smart City

The US city of Las Vegas has announced a partnership with networking giant Cisco aimed at speeding its progress towards becoming a smart connected city.

Cisco’s Smart+Connected digital platform will bring real-time Internet of Things (IoT) device and sensor data to city leaders to quickly and efficiently manage crowd, environmental and traffic control data and decision support.

The city said using technology to create a connected community -- while improving resident and visitor safety, increased sustainability and insight into traffic patterns and transportation infrastructure -- is the next step in becoming a smart city.

It has already invested $500m in smart infrastructure, having charted a course to become a smart city by 2025.

“We plan to deploy solutions that will enhance mobility, reduce congestion, improve resident safety, reduce our carbon footprint, and stimulate economic growth and diversity,” said Carolyn Goodman, Las Vegas mayor.

“It only makes sense for Las Vegas to emerge as a smart city and we are excited to join forces with Cisco to make this happen.”

Cisco said its digital platform aggregates input from multiple data sources (sensors, mobile devices, cameras) for actionable and immediate intelligence, that will empower the city to effectively reduce traffic congestion, provide faster response time to emergencies and lower operations and maintenance costs.

The city council recently established an innovation district in the city’s urban core to concentrate smart city technology infrastructure investment. The district is meant to be the home of new transportation infrastructure and mobility technologies, allowing for the creation of partnerships with autonomous vehicle/mobility companies and smart city technology firms like Cisco and its partner ecosystem.

“The city of Las Vegas and Cisco are demonstrating that the promise of IoT is real, moving from concept to deployment,” added Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of IoT and applications for Cisco.

“Together with Las Vegas, we are turning data into action to improve safety and traffic congestion, as well as economic opportunities and environmental sustainability for its citizens.”


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