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LIVING X Elements Deep Dives Into The Power Of Choice With The Drop of Oyster X SmartSink

SB’18 Vancouver, June 7, 2018 – Last week at SB18 Vancouver Living X Elements announced the launch of Oyster X SmartSink a carbon in the soil solution platform as a tool to normalize biomass reduction at human scale. The platform is designed to create a transparent full chain of custody for clean biomass waste sources such as forestry, agriculture and specific urban sources and return them to the landscape as a Smart X Char bio carbon. The platform is underpinned by a soon to be released carbon standard by Living X Elements and its partners in the project.
Why Oyster X? Our SmartSinks mimic how an oyster works in our waterways. Each oyster in the wild can pump up to 50 gallons of water a day through its body, filtering many volatiles like Co2, methane and nitrate and sequester them. Oyster X SmartSink helps mitigate storm water runoff to our waterways to help natural oyster banks thrive.
We are creating opportunities with brand partners to sponsor Oyster X SmartSink sites in corporate campus landscapes as well as public / private parks and schools. The carbon sequestration and water retention benefits of a site give brands another tool to balance their overall impact. A % of proceeds will go to oyster and forest restoration.
The Smart X Char bio carbon is being used in core product offerings as a approved USDA bio filler an area Living X Elements has been growing by design.
We have found we no longer have the human or financial assets to battle forest fires as they are burning larger and more intense due to our climate. Working with public and private foresters to build distributed clean biomass reduction sites at a community level works. The numbers prove the lack of access to those public lands for outdoor recreation is one of the greatest public health and economic risks we have.
The Outdoor Industry Association Is now a $887 billion industry it drives 7.6 million jobs across the us & brings $65.3 billion in federal & $59.2 billion in state | local tax revenue annually - that’s bigger than oil, gas and pharma combined.
At Living X Elements making clean air, water and healthy soil accessible is more than a sustainability benchmark it’s a human one. How we move forward as a population has really come down to the power of choice. By making Smart X Char available to many hands we can begin to turn the tide on the many challenges we all face going forward.” Living X Elements is joined by many brands in the work of designing solutions to build a new circular economy model. We can’t predict the future but we can create more predictable outcomes through design.” Said Valerie Navarro CEO of Living X Elements.

About Living X Elements At Living X Elements we know there is nothing more important than the power of choice. From brand strategy to technology adoption we work with brands to create a road map to weave sustainable solutions into to the fabric of their operation and drive the dynamic back story of their impacts.
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