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Neutrox begins to use Green Plastic in its packaging as a sustainability initiative

Neutrox, a brand specializing in hair moisturization, believes that good things in life, such as practicing outdoor sports or being in touch with nature, deserve to be valued more and more. Proof of this is the fact that the brand is one of the sponsors of women's surfing, which depends directly on nature, becoming increasingly aware and concerned about sustainability and preservation of the environment.

Therefore, the brand has decided to renew its packaging, beginning to produce them with Braskem's I'm GreenT Green Plastic, the first polyethylene from renewable origin to be produced on an industrial scale in the world.

This plastic is more sustainable and stands out for being made from a renewable source (sugarcane) and capturing 3.09 metric tons of CO2 per metric ton of Green Plastic produced. In the process of producing Green Plastic, from the sugarcane to the resin, the absorption of carbon dioxide occurs. This gas is one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect, and since green plastic is not degradable, this CO2 remains fixed in the package throughout the life cycle of the plastic.

With this initiative, one year of production of Neutrox products should prevent the emission of over 1,000 metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of a car giving more than 190 laps around the equator.

A Guide to Plastic Action for CPGs

Join us as representatives from rePurpose Global, Grove Collaborative and The Clorox Company share everything from new methodologies for comprehensive plastic footprint measurement to robust strategies for reduction to transparent and traceable plastic credits for immediate impact — at SB'22 San Diego.

The powerful moisturizing formula that only Neutrox provides will remain the same. The only change will be the packaging plastic with Braskem's I'm GreenT seal, as well as the QR Code, which explains the entire production process of Green Plastic. This is only the first initiative of the brand in its quest to becoming increasingly sustainable.


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