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Press Release
Shaw Industries Named a Finalist for Three Ethical Corporation 2019 Responsible Business Awards

Efforts in circular innovation, plastics innovation and leadership in diversity and inclusion short-listed in prestigious global recognition

Shaw Industries Group, Inc. (Shaw) has been named a finalist for the Ethical Corporation’s 10th Responsible Business Awards 2019 – the world’s leading celebration of responsible business excellence – in three categories.

Shaw is among a group of companies whose efforts to lead the change, innovation and technology that drives industries forward are being recognized. Selected from among companies worldwide, Shaw is being recognized for its achievements in:

  • Circular Innovation

The award will go out to companies that have developed innovation in a circular initiative or project that has been enabled by technology. This award will celebrate innovation which moves the company from a linear to a circular model. Innovation means any environmental, social or financial consideration has been generated from research into commercialization.

  • Plastics Innovation

This category rewards companies that have demonstrated a market leading plastics initiative which has created measurable impact through deploying technology or innovation

  • Diversity & Inclusion Leader

This award will go to a project or initiative that has best demonstrated measurable impact and investment in diversity strategy from the boardroom to middle management to new recruits

Shaw recognizes the potential to turn an environmental challenge into a performance win for the built environment.

“At Shaw, innovation happens when we ask: How might we? How might we take something that is initially used for only a few hours...or even minutes...and give it a new life?” notes Susan Farris, vice president of sustainability and corporate communications at Shaw.

Shaw has done just that by continually finding viable uses for a wider variety of single-use plastic bottles. Similarly, Shaw disrupted the carpet tile market in 1999 with the introduction of EcoWorx®-backed products. Shaw has continually optimized this flagship product in the years since. And - the company continues to explore opportunities to improve existing products and creating new ones -- even conceiving of new product categories such as PET resilient.

Investing in people as well as products is critical to the company’s success, and Shaw is making great strides in creating a culture of diversity and inclusion (D&I). The leadership competencies associated with D&I are woven through the business and are connected to how the organization builds and empowers people, grows the business, catalyzes innovation and change, and acts strategically. Through Shaw’s Council for Diversity and Inclusion, Accelerating Change Team and executive sponsors of Shaw’s various Associate Resource Groups, the company has further developed the D&I strategy, which has resulted in new programs, processes and innovations from across the enterprise that contribute to long-term business success.

“We’re dedicated to fostering a culture that empowers our associates to bring their diverse, whole selves - with unique experiences and talents - to work,” states Mike Fromm, chief human resources officer at Shaw. “Knowing that our people are our competitive advantage enables us to attract and retain top talent who will drive business results and propel the company forward through innovation and thought leadership.”

The Responsible Business Awards 2019 will take place at a gala on October 2, 2019 at 8 Northumberland Avenue in London. The winners will be announced on the night of the Awards. For more information, visit the website at