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Press Release
Sustainable Brands Releases 2012 Editorial Calendar, Continuing Mission of Inspiring, Equipping and Engaging Sustainability Leaders

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 19, 2012 – Sustainable Brands has released its full calendar of topics for the successful Issues in Focus series, continuing to explore a wide spectrum of issues including impending global regulatory changes, economic pressures, and changing customer demands.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 19, 2012 – Sustainable Brands has released its full calendar of topics for the successful Issues in Focus series, continuing to explore a wide spectrum of issues including impending global regulatory changes, economic pressures, and changing customer demands. Guest editors will curate content including research, analysis, case studies and innovations across topics currently being confronted by brands leading the shift to a prosperous future. Each month will feature content, as well as opportunities to engage in conversation with both subject matter experts and peers. Issues in Focus Archives remain part of the Sustainable Brands library to facilitate researching best practices in sustainable brand building as the sector continues to mature.

The announcement follows Sustainable Life Media’s recent shift in strategy to elevate Sustainable Brands as the global business community working together to leverage sustainability as a driver of business and brand value. has now become the website platform for businesses and professionals to learn and activate the forward-thinking necessary to spur innovation in sustainability.

To have content considered for publishing during the an upcoming Issues in Focus, editors, writers and contributors are encouraged to send a one to two paragraph abstract to Thomas Miner (editor [at] which fits within each of the monthly themes. Issues in Focus content packages also offer an exceptional way to align a company with thought leadership in the sustainability space. Those interested in becoming an underwriting sponsor of an upcoming featured month are invited to contact Jonathan Reese (sales [at] or download information from the Sustainable Brands website.

Editorial Calendar
January 2012: Defining and Developing Personal and Brand Leadership
Guest Editors: Andrew Winston, Winston Eco-Strategies, and Chris Laszlo, Sustainable Value Partners
How is personal and brand leadership in sustainability evolving relative to where we want to go? Are we setting the bar high enough? What is needed for sustainability to lead to both a thriving business and a flourishing world? This month takes a look at both the outer (market) and inner (meaning, purpose or spiritual) dimensions of leadership and their role in driving the shift to a flourishing future.

February 2012: Rethinking Waste
Guest Editor: Joe Laur, Senior Partner at Seed Systems, Former Director for Content at Waste Management
At SB'11, Ian Yolles, CMO of RecycleBank noted that in order to move to a Cradle to Cradle world, we need to remove the word 'waste' from our vocabulary. That's a tall order, and of course there are many other steps along the way. February will chronicle the inspiring momentum taking place on many planes in the march to eliminate waste from our vocabulary.

March 2012: Communicating Sustainability
Guest Editor: Sandy Skees, Founder/CEO at Communications4good
From our perspective, Brand is who you are, what you do, how you do it first - and only THEN, how you communicate it. Communicating Sustainability "Issue in Focus" dives deep into how today's leading brands are innovating in the area of sustainable communications. By tapping in to deeper consumer desires, and utilizing mediums such as social media and video to deliver marketing campaigns, employee engagement programs and various other stakeholder communications, these brands are transforming buzzwords like transparency and authenticity from yesterday's benchmark into today's status quo.

April 2012: Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
At, we've dubbed 2012 as the year of Radical Innovation for Sustainability, wherein brands step up and truly take the lead on the Sustainability Revolution. The month of April will cover the broad range of radical innovation for economic, environmental and social benefit that is being undertaken by both startups and some of the top global brands.

May 2012: Information Technology as a Platform for Sustainable Innovation
Continuing the innovation theme, this month will focus specifically on emerging technology as a platform for profitably delivering social good.

June 2012: Activating Sustainability
Shifting to a sustainable economy requires a new kind of brand/consumer partnership. As citizen consumers begin to vote with their dollars for more innovative products and services that both delight the purchaser and support the long term health of society and our planet, they help create competitive advantage for those brands that best deliver. Getting there requires convincing consumers that they CAN have their cake and eat it too, (indulge their needs, and shift the economy at the same time) and then helping them learn how to choice edit for the best personal, planetary and societal impact.

July 2012: Employee Education and Engagement
Nothing conveys brand like your employees, so getting them aligned around your sustainable brand platform pays dividends across several vectors. In addition to strengthening the integrity of your brand, purpose driven brands generate excitement, loyalty, creativity, productivity and ultimately profits. This month explores outstanding stories, along with the most creative strategies and tools, for engaging teams in building a market leading sustainable brand.

August 2012: Supply Chain Partnerships
September 2012: Redefining Value: The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Success
October 2012: Sustainable Design: Product Impact
November 2012: Green Chemistry and Bio-Based Materials
December 2012: Retail Innovation

About Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Brands is the global learning, collaboration, and commerce community committed to replenishing the world through better brands. Sustainable Brands offers news and views from thought and practice leaders, online and live events, a robust resource library, peer-to-peer learning groups, E-learning, and a set of solutions providers for corporate brand and sustainability professionals, social entrepreneurs and the eco-system of supporting value partners. Sustainable Brands inspires, engages and equips today's business and brand leaders to grow revenues and enhance brand value, reputation and loyalty, while helping create a healthy and sustainable future for all. Sustainable Brands is a production of Sustainable Life Media, located in San Francisco CA.


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