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Press Release
The Fight Against Climate Change and the Role of Recycled Products

Given climate change’s increased importance vs. carbon footprint, and given Rolland’s smallest footprint in the North American paper industry – Answer the question: What are the benefits to climate change, of Rolland having the smallest footprint in North America? And given the answer – it is logical for Rolland’s paper to be readers’ number one choice in terms of paper brands to partner with.

There is no debate; global warming is a real and present concern. A New York Times article called out the human impact behind climate change:

Global warming is happening, and its effects are being felt around the world. The only real debates are over how fast and how far the climate will change.

The changes over just the last few decades are stark, making plain that the planet’s climate is warming and that it’s human activity behind the temperature rise.

In order to mitigate climate change, some businesses focus on using carbon offsets, which can help counteract the effects of their own emissions on the health of the planet.

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