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The Materials in Your Food Packaging are Changing

Jim Schneider, Vice President of Operations at Sustana Fiber, discusses the evolution of recycling and how it can change food packaging for the better.

Food packaging has evolved over the last five years – even more so in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. From a renewed interest in paper and paper board to help reduce plastic waste to recycling advancements for new sources of fiber, like cartons and release liner, help to extend the lifecycle of materials and create a circular economy.

Sustana Fiber has seen these changes in real-time. “When our facilities first opened, 100% of the fiber we received was from sorted office paper, which we would process and send back to the printing industry,” said Jim Schneider, Vice President of Operations. “Now we are at an inflection point – a point where the markets we are sending our fiber to, needs to mimic the markets on the waste stream side from which we’re receiving the fiber.”

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