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Press Release
The U.S. – China Greener Consumption Forum

The U.S. – China Greener Consumption Forum will mark the first-ever gathering of women leaders from the world's two "consumer super powers" to meet and address the environmental challenges their countries face due to consumption. The Forum, to be held March 22, 2013 at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., will convene leading consumer advocates, green entrepreneurs, scientists and public policy specialists to explore ways to marshal the "power of the purse" to protect the planet.

Consumer demand is leading to the most rapid use of natural resources, energy, and water that the world has ever seen. The consequences for pollution, impact on climate change, exposure to toxic substances, and waste are equally significant.

This is particularly true in the U.S. and China. In the U.S., women influence at least 80% of all consumer purchases. In China, women contribute about half of all household income and influence and make more than half of all purchasing decisions. If women in both countries can be mobilized to use their power as consumers and as entrepreneurs alike, significant progress can be made in reducing our global carbon footprint while creating a greener, cleaner world.

The Forum will deliver a series of “A Ha!” moments as speakers who are expert in the impacts of consumption on the environment and human health:

· highlight the need to include gender equity in sustainability strategies

· review innovative campaigns that achieved significant changes in consumer behavior, including those that have helped reduce consumption

· showcase companies that have successfully launched new green products in response to consumer demand, and

· explore opportunities for women to emerge as the entrepreneurial engine behind the global green economy.


Registration is free, but limited to only 100 attendees. Please register as soon as possible to secure your place at this important event.


The International Fund for China’s Environment, Big Green Purse, The Green China Consumption Alliance


The Heinrich Boell Foundation North America, UN Women, Earth Day Network, Worldwatch Institute, Green America, Plastic Pollution Coalition, All China Women's Federation, EcoMom Alliance, LOHAS Institute, Greennovate, Ashoka, Chinese Women Activity Center, Helongjiang Women Entrepreneurs Association, Yichun City, DC Ecowomen, the Millennium Institute, Green Seal


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For more information or to become a supporting partner, please contact Diane MacEachern at [email protected], 240-533-6384 or Yao Chong at [email protected], 202-822-2141.


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