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Update Your Approach to Recycled Fiber and Sustainable Packaging Through Leadership

As we quickly approach deadlines for 2025 and 2030 sustainability goals set by businesses around the world, leaders may struggle to balance seemingly competing organizational priorities as they look to meet these goals. In their latest series with GreenBiz, hear directly from top experts at Sustana on how business leaders can influence change in their organizations and products.

Many factors contribute to the success of a company’s sustainability goals. Some important factors include understanding the value of recycled fiber in the sustainability supply chain and committing to the promotion of the circular economy. Every action from C-Suite leadership down to packaging choices can influence and predict the outcome of these types of goals which is why it’s important to collaborate with like-minded organizations and brands.

Authored by leaders across the company – including Renée Yardley and Jim Schneider – in a series for GreenBiz, these articles reflect the importance of companies making more sustainable decisions along the supply chain to meet the changing needs of all stakeholder groups.

Opportunities for recycled fiber post-pandemic

Post-pandemic, consumer sentiment around corporate responsibility and having environmentally sound options changed as people were forced to confront their own ecological footprint. Holding companies accountable for their environmental impact is the new normal and companies are looking for solutions along the supply chain to help shrink their footprints. One of the easiest but uncommon ways to make your business more sustainable? Include recycled fiber in your packaging. While this solution has been slowly gaining traction among food packaging, the need for diversification and proactive investments in packaging increases as well. Read more from Renee Yardley, SVP of Sales and Marketing, here.

Rethinking packaging to support a circular economy

As consumers and companies look to reduce their environmental impacts, everyone needs to seek out innovative solutions in order to reduce packaging waste. While switching to environmentally friendly packaging with recycled fiber is helpful, it’s only truly impactful if the material can be introduced into the circular economy through the process of being recycled and made into new packaging materials again. In order to avoid creating more problems with supposedly ‘greener’ solutions, it is critical to work with recyclers during the packaging design process to reduce the likelihood of pitfalls that will lead products to end-of-life. Read more from Jim Schneider, VP of Operations for Sustana Fiber, here.

Considering recycled fiber packaging? Start with a plan

Being a leader in the C Suite dealing with sustainability challenges has never been tougher. Balancing sustainability priorities coming from your sustainability and marketing teams while also dealing with increasing costs of goods from procurement teams makes the challenge almost seem impossible to overcome. The easiest way to overcome these challenges or avoid them altogether? Make sustainable procurement practices a priority. Read more from Jim Schneider, VP of Operations for Sustana Fiber, here.

In packaging, partnerships are key to unlocking the circular economy

No business can meet its sustainability goals alone. With deadlines quickly approaching, companies need partners across the supply chain who can help them meet – and in some cases, exceed – their goals. Partnerships help further recycling systems which can lead to sustainable solutions that help catalyze change along the supply chain. Sustana Fiber’s recent partnership with Sonoco and Kellogg’s is a perfect example of a successful partnership.  Read more from Jim Schneider, VP of Operations for Sustana Fiber, here.

Learn more about the steps Sustana is taking to achieve a circular economy for a more sustainable future for businesses, our planet and society at and


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