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Press Release
Vanguard Renewables Receives Environmental Leadership Award from NERC

Vanguard Renewables was recognized by NERC for its impact on organics recycling. The company’s Farm Powered® solution captures greenhouse gas emissions from dairy manure and food and beverage waste to create renewable energy via anaerobic digestion. Since 2014, the company has recycled nearly 2 million tons of organic waste, mitigating more than 950 thousand tons of greenhouse gas emissions or the equivalent of planting more than 16 million trees.

Vanguard Renewables works with multi-generational dairy farms to build and operate anaerobic digesters to generate renewable energy. The process benefits the environment by mitigating greenhouse gases and provides farm partners with a diversified income stream, low-carbon and nutrient-dense fertilizer, and bedding for the herd.

The company owns and operates seven facilities in New England, including an organics recycling facility in Massachusetts, and six on-farm anaerobic digesters in Massachusetts and Vermont. They also currently operate four manure-only digesters on behalf of their partner Dominion Energy.

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