Circularity in wipes - naturally! VEOCEL™ - a botanic fiber brand promoted by the Lenzing Group - drives natural circularity in wipes: Being made from the renewable raw material wood, our fibers have the ability to fully biodegrade after usage. This integration in the natural cycle makes VEOCEL™ the ingredient of trust for responsible wipes.


With our VEOCEL™ brand we will take ingredient branding to the next level: In close collaboration with retail and brand partners, we have already started to establish VEOCEL™ as a label of trust for plastic free wipes.

The fiber matters

Fibers have a severe impact on the environmental compatibility of wipes: While wood-based fibers such as lyocell and viscose have the ability to fully biodegrade after disposal, synthetic materials can end up as marine litter. Enhancing fiber transparency and engaging in an open dialogue on responsible convenience are our means of choice to promote a more sustainable consumer lifestyle.

At Lenzing, we believe that the future belongs to companies that put sustainability first. For over 80 years, we have been producing fibers from the renewable resource wood. Innovative processes and technologies enable us to build thought leadership across a variety of industries and applications and demonstrate guidance about preserving resources and protecting our environment.

Eager to become a VEOCEL™ partner? Contact us today to discuss potential ways of collaboration! [email protected]

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