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New Metrics

The new and evolving metrics that are helping expand the way businesses create, quantify, manage and report their impacts, and the value they deliver.

Do Winning Sustainability Reports Measure Up?

Ahead of his breakout session on Strengthening Your Brand with Context Based Sustainability at Sustainable Brands '09, Mark McElroy writes on The Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) call for context in all sustainability reporting. While even award-winning sustainability reports have a hard time putting their achievements into context, their relevance relies upon it.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting - Where's the Context?

Call me old-fashioned, but I think a sustainability report should actually tell us something about the sustainability performance of the organization it describes. In order to do that, though, it must include context.

Defining "Sustainability": An Open Letter to the FTC

On April 30, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will conduct a second public workshop in its continuing efforts to address the question of how sustainability claims in advertising should be handled.

Mark McElroy on What's Wrong with Sustainability Reporting

While it's great to see so many companies embracing sustainability reporting, most aren't giving us the whole picture, says Mark McElroy, founder of the Center for Sustainable Organizations (CSO). Mark is no armchair critic, however. CSO has spent the past three years developing a new reporting standard called the Social Footprint, currently being piloted by such forward-thinking companies as Ben & Jerry's. In this SLM interview, Mark discusses the philosophy behind the framework and explains why the Global Reporting Initiative doesn't go far enough.