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Boyan Slat

CEO and founder
The Ocean Cleanup

Boyan Slat is a Dutch inventor and entrepreneur who creates technologies to solve societal problems. He is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, the foundation that develops advanced systems to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

In February 2013, he dropped out of his aerospace engineering study at TU Delft to work full-time on this ambitious project. He dedicates most of his time to managing the rapid growth of the organization, while also overseeing the team’s technology developments.

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The Ocean Cleanup: Into the Twilight Zone
The Ocean Cleanup: Into the Twilight Zone

Waste Not / As the Great Pacific Garbage Patch continues to fragment into microplastics, it is key that we reach proven technology status as soon as possible; we are closer than ever to having a tool capable of cleaning up the oceans for good. - 4 years ago