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Christian Heller

CEO and former leader of BASF's Value-to-Society program
Value Balancing Alliance

Christian Heller is Vice President at BASF and CEO of the Value Balancing Alliance. The alliance consists of Deutsche Bank, BASF, Bosch, LafargeHolcim, Mitsubishi Chemicals, Novartis, Porsche-Volkswagen, SAP and SK. As a non-profit organization, the alliance enjoys assistance by Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC. The OECD and the World Bank support as policy advisors. Oxford University, Harvard Business School and University of Hamburg are providing the academic foundations as lead universities.

Furthermore, stakeholders from government, civil society, business, the financial market and standard-setting organizations support the activities of the Value Balancing Alliance. The Value Balancing Alliance focuses on the development and standardization of a management accounting model to protect and create long-term value. It is designed to empower decision makers to optimize the total value contribution of their business. Before his current position, Christian Heller was leading BASF’s Value-to-Society program and had various roles in communications, sustainability and human resources such as leading the human rights program.

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