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Scott Broomfield

Chief Financial Officer
Sustainable Brands

I’m an executive with considerable general management, CEO, CFO and CMO experience. I have 25+ years in B2B software, as the CEO of a public software company and as a SaaS business growing from $15M to $90M, taking that company public as CFO, GM and CMO.

I am a generalist who understands what it takes scale a business to IPO; or said another way… to transform from start-up to scale-up. Scale is about strategy and execution, business models, BPM (Branding, Positioning, Messaging), sales, operational processes, metrics, and most importantly about building a resilient and adaptive culture.

Accordingly, I founded The 10th Group (TTG). We use an immersive engagement methodology wherein we share our operating experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to help CEOs and their leadership teams build the business systems, operational processes and resilient cultures necessary to reach their escape velocities.

In addition to TTG, I am the new COO of Sustainable Brands (SB). SB's mission is to replenish the world through better brands by equipping our community of global brand leaders with the right skillsets, toolsets and mindsets in order to build sustainability into the fabric of product and service innovation.

Previously I was as the CFO, GM & CMO of Xactly (IPO in 2015 - NYSE: XTLY). I joined as their CFO in 2010 when they were $15M and left in 2016 as their CMO having scaled Xactly to nearly $100M, going public with a market cap of over $500M.

I am the Chairperson of the Board of Sustainable Brands and a board member for Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation, and a former member of the Board of Trustees for the Los Gatos Union School District (K-8). I am politically active, as I believe it is our duty as citizens to engage in civics.

My first principles include: alignment, culture, curiosity, intellectual integrity, positive sum, resiliency, results, systems thinking and urgency.

I hold a MBA, with honors, from Santa Clara University.

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