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Heroes Wanted

Life is turbulent today. It feels less certain, more complex. People are craving the type of meaningful connections and balanced simplicity that will restore rhythm to their lives. And, they're ready to reward heroes who can help.

Brands can be those heroes. They can be the champions that people seek by establishing purpose beyond profit, by redesigning their products, services and operating models through the lens of social and environmental innovation, and by harnessing transformational leadership at all levels within their business and the industry. With these steps and more, brands can help create the "good life" customers desire and reap the rewards. They just need a guide.

Every Champion Needs a Coach

You are the hero's muse. You're inspiring and shaping your own company's brand to seize the day. You're also ready to help your clients answer the call. As a visionary and a coach, you can set them on the hero's path to becoming a “sustainable brand” and show them the way. We'd like to help.

Join Us at the Summit

The SB Affiliate Member Network is a peer community for solution providers—the hub for hero-makers, you might say. It's a safe space, pre-competitive for agencies, consultants, nonprofits, associations and others to connect and learn how to help businesses enable the good life for people around the world and become sustainable brands. Eager for inspiration, insights, best practices, access to exclusive tools and the opportunity to collaborate with SB Corporate Members? Join us today!

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