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Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Retail Cleaning Program

Retail store cleanliness is increasingly important given the strong impact that online reviews and word-of-mouth can have on a business. Yet so too is sustainability.

With more stores looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into their operations, facility managers must understand how the cleaning process can contribute to environmental goals.

Going Green to Clean

Make your retail cleaning program more sustainable by incorporating the following:

  • Water- and chemical-saving floor care machines

The right floor care machine can help your store save water, chemical and time. A reliable and powerful option is the TASKI® swingo 4000, which uses IntelliFlow™ technology to ensure that the right amount of cleaning solution is delivered to the floor. This patented feature saves water – in fact, IntelliFlow can reduce water up to 76% in floor cleaning when compared to traditional auto scrubbers. It also means that too much solution will never be dispensed when the machine slows and turns, which can negatively impact cleaning efficiency, safety and sustainability.

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths and mops

There are many benefits to using microfiber cleaning cloths and mops. Microfiber, when used dry, creates a static charge which attracts dry soil, bacteria and dust. When used damp, it can absorb up to 900% of its weight and can lift and trap dirt, moisture and bacteria. Microfiber cloths and mops can be laundered and reused multiple times. Retail stores should use color-coded microfiber solutions to designate which are for restrooms, food prep areas and other areas throughout the store to avoid cross-contamination.

  • Day cleaning

The practice of day cleaning can lower energy bills since cleaning is no longer done at night and will not require lights and HVAC to run. Working during daylight hours can also increase cleaning productivity and the overall image of the store. For example, employees can immediately address messes like soda spills and dirt trekked across floors, thereby improving the shopping experience for customers.

  • Dilution control systems

Using dilution control systems that automatically dispense the correct chemical dose limits employee contact with potentially harsh chemicals and ensures accurate dilutions every time. Rather than switch to lower quality chemicals that require more product to get the same result, cut costs by reducing waste with dilution control dispensers.

By following the above best practices, retail stores can easily maintain cleanliness while supporting the planet.

Diversey’s Feel Welcome Retail Program combines Spotless Floors, Outstanding Washrooms, Safer Hands and Retail Consulting services to help your store provide the best shopping experience. Learn more about the program at or reach out to us at [email protected].


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