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Tervis Launched the First Recycled Cup Made of Post-industrial Material

The proceeds from all sales of these limited-edition recycled cups will be donated to two Florida-based aquariums, Mote Marine and Florida Aquarium, for specific coral reef research and experimentation

Tervis, the drinkware innovation company that created the first double insulated tumbler, has created another “first”: the first recycled cup made of post-industrial material. Although Tervis today has a full line of product in plastic and stainless-steel materials, the recycled cup that launched as part of the “Fill-this” campaign earlier in the summer comes in the classic form and with two limited edition emblem choices, a dolphin and turtle. The emblems are also made of recycled thread.

“We are committed to innovation and resolve of the current crisis with single-use plastic” says Hosana Fieber, CFO. Tervis is working through supply chain on as many raw materials in their products as possible recycled and recyclable.

This new product line is another effort in the Tervis’ bigger sustainability initiatives. In 2018 Tervis gave away 10,000 cups in one day at their stores and online. In return they asked their customers to sign a pledge to reduce their single use consumption. The idea is to change behavior. #takeyourtervis trended in social media.

Since 1946 Tervis has offered products that are guaranteed for life. The guarantee is a testament to the company’s commitment to reusing. The material that is collected from all the guarantee returns are turned into other useful products in order to reduce the footprint of virgin plastic. “As a native Floridian and avid fisherman, it’s important to me to keep our oceans clean,” says Tervis president Rogan Donelly. “We want our products to live on forever, and we don’t want them to end up in landfills or our oceans.”

The proceeds from all the sales of these limited-edition recycled cups will be donated to two Florida based aquariums, Mote Marine and Florida Aquarium, for specific coral reef research and experimentation.

Mote Marine is working on coral reef research. Mote Marine Laboratory President & CEO, Dr. Michael P. Crosby says: “Tervis and Mote are both local, home-grown American originals that share a goal for ocean conservation and sustainable-use of marine resources. We are thrilled that Tervis has launched this exciting new product to reduce plastic waste, and that we have been selected as a non-profit recipient of the funds raised from the sale of the “Fill This, Not Oceans” line of products. As two Sarasota County-based organizations, both Mote and Tervis understand our region’s deep connection to the ocean, and the role that we all play in ensuring thriving, vibrant marine and coastal ecosystems. We look forward to the continued partnership with Rogan Donelly and his creative, dedicated team at Tervis in support of innovative science for the benefit of our oceans.”

The Florida Aquarium has completed insightful research recently. The funds Tervis will donate will benefit further research.

Tervis offers everyone the option of a reusable cup whether on a table or on the go. The product offering is extensive and the company believes that eliminating single-use is critical to stop pollution from entering our oceans. Tervis tumblers are offered in thousands of designs and licenses to choose from. You can also personalize your tumbler or water bottle. Learn more about Tervis, the “fill-this” campaign and other recycled products Tervis is working on at


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