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Reggie Watts Sings, Yodels and Raps for a Clean Internet in Greenpeace's New #ClickClean Videos

Greenpeace launched a series of short web videos today featuring comedian, musician and activist Reggie Watts to support its #ClickClean campaign, which calls on companies to power the Internet with renewable energy.

The videos, which Greenpeace made with the award-winning creative team at the VIA Agency, are part of a new push by the watchdog group’s #ClickClean initiative, which aims to push Internet companies to consider the impact of continuing to power with traditional energy sources and switcher to cleaner ones.

The Internet would rank sixth among countries for its electricity demand. Companies including SAP, Apple, Facebook and Google have committed to power their data centers with 100 percent renewable energy, but others, including Amazon, continue to rely on polluting forms of electricity such as coal and gas.

Greenpeace Senior Energy Campaigner Dave Pomerantz said: “Some of the Internet’s biggest and most innovative companies, like Apple, Facebook and Google, are powering with modern, renewable energy. The #ClickClean movement expects the rest of the companies behind our online world, like Amazon and Twitter, to join them. Reggie Watts is an Internet sensation for his comedy and music, so we’re proud to have him join the call to power the platforms on which his work is shared every day with renewable energy.”

The four videos include “Animals,” where Reggie Watts sings a ballad about the clean Internet in the woods, surrounded by animals; “Sun,” where Watts raps about solar energy in the desert; “Water,” where Watts floats by on a giant lily pad talking about powering the Internet with hydropower; and “Wind” where Watts yodels about clean energy in a beautiful Alpine setting while wearing lederhosen.


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