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Adobe Wants You to Tweet For Good on World Environment Day

335 million square kilometers of ocean waters.¹ 2.3 million square kilometers of forests.² Countless mountain peaks, wetlands and deserts. The earth is vast, and with so many areas of need, it can be difficult to feel like any one individual can make an impact. But there’s another, even larger, statistic that matters: 7 billion–the number of people on our planet.

World Environment Day

This year, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has selected the theme #7BillionDreams to celebrate World Environment Day (WED) on Friday, June 5th. When the dreams of the world’s population combined, we can become an unstoppable force for good on behalf of our planet.

At Adobe, we’re turning the dream of sustainability into a reality by offering products that help our customers reduce paper consumption and waste. If your curious about the environmental impact your paper printing habits may have, check out the Adobe Green Meter. This calculator shows how a few adjustments to our current paper practices could have large environmental savings.

Participate and Tweet For Good

We’re dedicated to helping the environment, so we’re celebrating World Environment Day with a Tweet For Good campaign, and we want you to join in! As June 5th makes it’s way across the world, we’re pledging to contribute $7 per tweet to Conservation International, with a donation totaling up to $10,000.

What’s your dream? Share it through June 5th using the hashtag #CreateChange and we’ll make a $7 donation to Conservation International.

Make a pledge to recycle, share your dream for conserving your neighborhood’s natural beauty, or commit to printing responsibly. What you dream is up to you! Your public statement will inspire others to share their dreams for a healthier, happier planet. There’s no better way to celebrate the day than by making a difference with others.

What is Conservation International?

Conservation International (CI) is a non-profit committed to protecting, caring for and valuing nature for the long-term benefit of people and all life on Earth. The organization works at every level, from remote villages to the offices of presidents and CEOs, to find solutions to the environmental problems plaguing our world. Read more about how Conservation International brings awareness to complex issues around the world with Adobe Creative Cloud.

A donation to CI goes toward vital conservation projects around the world, such as protecting the Guiana Shield in South America.

This post was sponsored by Adobe.


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