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Press Release
Advito and Tripkicks Partner to Bring Point-of-Sale Carbon Emissions Calculation to Corporate Travel

In response to the growing demand for sustainability in the corporate travel industry, Advito, a leading global travel consultancy, has partnered with travel technology platform, and SAP Concur App Center Partner, Tripkicks to develop a solution that provides accurate air emissions calculations at the point of sale.

The partnership leverages Tripkicks’ integration with the SAP Concur online booking tool (OBT) to display Advito’s GATE4 carbon emissions figures on the air travel search results page. This groundbreaking solution finally provides accurate, pre-trip emissions data, enabling travel managers to educate travelers and influence their booking behavior in real-time, while also empowering employees to make informed and sustainable choices.

Both Tripkicks and Advito are experts in educating travelers and influencing behavior. They achieve this by providing actionable insights within the OBT that support travel program goals and enhance the traveler experience. Until now, travel managers were only able to rely on post-trip emissions data to identify the best options for reducing their carbon footprint. However, with this partnership, they can now integrate this information directly into the booking path.

The carbon emissions calculations displayed in the search results are powered by Advito's ISO-certified GATE4 methodology. GATE4 is the most robust emissions calculation methodology available to travel managers today. It accounts for several key factors that have a significant impact on emissions, such as aircraft type and radiative forcing. Through this partnership with Tripkicks, the consultancy brings its methodology directly into SAP Concur’s OBT for the first time, displaying the most accurate carbon emission data available to travelers at the exact moment of decision-making.

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