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Press Release
Bio-Based and Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Packaging Redefines the Value-Chain

In collaboration with Braskem and Consolidated Container Company, Seventh Generation eliminates oil-based plastic content from its 100 oz laundry packaging.  

In collaboration with Braskem and Consolidated Container Company, Seventh Generation eliminates oil-based plastic content from its 100 oz laundry packaging.

Philadelphia, PA (June 6, 2016) – Braskem, a leading producer of biopolymers, together with Seventh Generation, a leading household, and personal care company, and Consolidated Container Company (CCC), one of the nation's largest manufacturers of rigid plastic packaging today announced their partnership to enable the enhancement of Seventh Generation’s 100 oz laundry detergent bottle. CCC now produces the bottle using post-consumer resin and substitutes the fossil-based plastic content with Braskem’s I’m GreenTM Polyethylene (PE) made from sugarcane, a renewable resource.

“We believe with each new product we make.We must also build new ways of caring for ourselves, and the world around us. We can use the power of business to start a movement that will change an entire industry,” said Seventh Generation’s Derrick Lawrence, Director of Packaging Development. “Our 100 oz laundry packaging was made of 80% post-consumer resins and 20% conventional petroleum-based plastic. We needed to do something about that.”

Bio-based PE is plastic made from ethanol – a renewable and sustainable resource produced from Brazilian sugarcane. Cultivation of sugarcane utilizes CO2 and releases O2, which means the material has a negative carbon footprint. “Our green PE is the perfect solution for Seventh Generation. It has the same technical properties and recyclability as conventional PE; the only difference is the raw material used,” said Joe Jankowski, Commercial Manager for Braskem’s I’m greenTM Polyethylene in North America.

Green PE is a substitute for conventional polyethylene, which made it possible for CCC to incorporate the product into the production of Seventh Generation’s packaging. “We often work side by side with clients to help them develop packaging solutions for their business, taking packaging all the way from concept to shelf," said Sean Fallmann, President and Chief Executive Officer of CCC. “We have been able to use 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE resins along with Green PE to replace non-bio-based materials, creating a very sustainable solution.”

“This is a big step toward Seventh Generation’s 2020 vision of all packaging being made from recycled or bio-based materials. This collaboration with Braskem and CCC will help us improve our footprint and recyclability of our product packaging, in addition to bringing sustainability to the supply chain.”

About Seventh Generation
Established in 1988, in Burlington, Vermont, Seventh Generation is one of the nation’s leading brands of household and personal care products. The company lives its commitment to “caring today for seven generations of tomorrows,” with products formulated to provide mindful solutions for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets and people within your home — and for the community and environment outside of it. A pioneer in corporate responsibility, Seventh Generation continually evaluates ways to reduce its environmental impact, increase performance and safety, and create a more sustainable supply chain. To learn more about Seventh Generation products and business practices, locate a retailer in your area, or review Seventh Generation’s Corporate Consciousness Report, visit

About Consolidated Container Company (CCC)
is a leading developer and manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging solutions in North America. CCC specializes in customized mid- and short-run packaging solutions, serving a diverse customer base in the dairy, household chemicals, food/nutraceuticals, industrial/specialty chemicals, water, and beverage/juice markets. CCC also operates a leading recycled and custom compounded post-consumer and post-industrial resin business, Envision Plastics. With 53 rigid plastic packaging manufacturing facilities, three recycled resins manufacturing facilities, and 2,300 employees, CCC has an integrated, nationwide network that consistently delivers reliable and cost-effective packaging and recycled resin solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and markets. From its state-of-the-art Studio PKG to the recycling technologies of Envision Plastics, to its experienced manufacturing teams across its network, CCC delivers high performance, cost-effective solutions to meet even the most challenging applications. For more information, visit or contact Jeff Brubaker from CCC.

About Braskem
Braskem is one of the world’s leading plastics and chemical companies with 40 industrial plants in Brazil, the United States, Germany, and Mexico - the company’s newest industrial complex is a joint venture with Idesa, which represents a $5.2 billion investment. Braskem is the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and the leading producer of biopolymers in the world, creating more environmental-friendly, intelligent and sustainable solutions through chemicals and plastics. Known for innovative solutions such as I’m green Polyethylene™ made from renewable sugarcane and UTEC®, the company’s own trademarked Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene for high-performance applications, Braskem’s products and technologies enable the automotive, packaging, healthcare, and construction industries to produce goods that enhance quality of life for people around the world. Braskem America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Braskem S.A. headquartered in Philadelphia. The company is the leading producer of polypropylene in the United States, with five production plants located in Texas, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and an Innovation and Technology Center in Pittsburgh. For more information, visit

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