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Corporate Responsibility Magazine Reveals The 100 Best Corporate Citizens

Corporate Responsibility Magazine is pleased to present our 17th annual list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens. This year’s 100 Best List began with our research team documenting 260 data points of disclosure and performance measurements for the entire Russell 1000. The data was gleaned from publicly available information and each company was ranked in seven categories:

Climate change
Employee relations
Human rights
Corporate governance
Financial performance
Philanthropy & community support

More details on our methodology can be found here.

We offer the companies named to the 2016 100 Best List our congratulations. They delivered on their commitments to transparency and accountability in highly competitive industries.

Results include Microsoft making an appearance in its second year at No. 1; Intel comes in at No. 2; Hasbro is at No. 3; Johnson and Johnson at No. 4; Ecolab at No. 5; Bristol Myers Squibb in the same spot as last year at No. 6; Xerox Corp. at No. 7; Lockheed Martin at No. 8; Lexmark International moves into the top 10 this year at No. 9; and Campbell Soup company rounds out the top 10 at No. 10.

Additionally, some interesting statistics from this year’s list include:

36 companies rose an average of 15 ranks
43 companies fell an average of 14 ranks
The average rank increase for the Top 100 was 28 places, and
The average rank increase for the Top 10 was 2 places.

Elliot Clark, CEO of CR Magazine and SharedXpertise, congratulates the winners.
“Congratulations to those honored on this year’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens list for their commitment to corporate responsibility,” he says. “This annual list is the only ranking that doesn’t rely on self-reporting. Each year, we measure the most transparent companies who report on their responsible practices. Our goal is to advance corporate accountability and responsibility.”

*Sustainable Brands Corporate Members who made this list include:

Hasbro Inc, ranked 3rd overall
Johnson & Johnson, ranked 4th overall
AT&T, ranked 12th overall
Disney, ranked 22nd overall
CVS ranked 29th overall
Dow Chemical, ranked 33rd overall
Coca Cola, ranked 34th overall
PepsiCo, ranked 35th overall
Kimberly-Clark, ranked 36th overall
3M, ranked 40th overall
Cisco, ranked 46th overall
UPS, ranked 48th overall
Hershey, ranked 54th overall
Mattel, ranked 76th overall
Symantec, ranked 87th overall
Target, ranked 94th overall*

To view the list, click here.

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