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Press Release
ELC Initiates Responsible Store Design Program

ELC has long recognized that our retail footprint creates a unique opportunity to advance progress toward our environmental targets while engaging our consumers in the journey. In support of these environmental commitments, ELC is proud to launch the Responsible Store Design program and engage our consumers in our retail sustainability journey.

This program provides a framework for the assessment of new and existing retail stores, and for the design of our visual merchandising, across a variety of sustainability-related areas including waste reduction, water and energy conservation, and responsible material sourcing.

Prior to the launch of this program, ELC has been working with our brands and global retail design teams to incorporate sustainability into their store design and visual merchandising. In fiscal year 2020, ELC finalized its internal Green Building Standards for all of our spaces including retail locations. These standards serve as a road map to help new construction and major renovations incorporate sustainability principles into their design, setting a baseline for practices covering energy, water, waste, and indoor air quality. The Responsible Store Design program, grounded in these standards, was developed with the assistance of a sustainability consulting firm with expertise in green building design and reviewed by a third-party to assure its credibility and accuracy.

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