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Friendly Skies Goes Eco-Friendly With Travel Bags

At United, we are committed to environmental sustainability and believe that the actions we take today shape our path towards a more sustainable future. We aim to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations and are continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint in the air, on the ground and at our facilities.

That's where Relan comes in: we chose to partner with a Minnesota based company to help mitigate our waste product as a part of our ongoing Eco-Skies commitment to sustainability. Relan shares this commitment: providing jobs to their local community and using eco-friendly materials purchased within the U.S. Relan hires local contract sewers from within the Hmong community, originally from parts of Cambodia and Laos. This allows the sewers the opportunity to work within their homes and then deliver the final products to Relan's headquarters.

United is currently working to reduce our impact on the environment by upcycling marketing materials, such as banners and billboards, into different products including luggage tags, draw string bags and saddlebags. The luggage tags will be available for $8.50, while the draw string bags and saddlebags will each be sold for $25.50 and $44.50, respectively. All items provide a valued and unique product to United's customers, while also reducing our environmental footprint. These products are now available on the United Shop.

[video:https://www.youtube.com/embed/6L5gWR-H4wE width:699 height:388]

The continued evolution of circularity

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