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IBM Recognized As Early Leader in CO2 Emissions Reduction Goals

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently recognized IBM as an early leader in setting greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. In its new report Corporations: Unlikely Heroes in America’s Quest for Climate Action, WWF describes how companies like IBM know they can save money by becoming more efficient, securing less-expensive renewable energy, and reducing market volatility risk while lowering emissions.

IBM has been taking aggressive actions against climate change since the 1990s, and our commitment remains to this day. Among these actions is our call to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with our electricity and fuel consumption.

Key ways that we have achieved our CO2 emissions reductions goals have included increasing our purchases of renewable electricity, and executing a wide range of energy conservation and efficiency projects throughout our operations. IBM is working with utility providers, wind and solar developers, and our industry peers around the globe to exceed our goal to purchase 20 percent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

This goal does not include the credits for renewable energy that IBM receives automatically via grid purchases. We also have developed analytics and cognitive based IT solutions to enable utilities and grid operators to better integrate renewable electricity generated from wind and solar projects into the electricity grid.

Taken together, IBM’s initiatives and partnerships are helping us operate more efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining our leadership role as stewards of the environment.


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