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Introducing the Recyclable Tube Tradeshow Booth Building System

Introducing the Durable and Recyclable Tube Building System

The Boothologist has been building booths out of recyclable fiberboard tubes since we found a heap of them in Buenos Aires and turned then into the USA World Pavilion at the World Forestry Congress in 2009. Since then the recyclable tube booth construction system has evolved into a compelling and popular alternative to the old, boring aluminum booths. It’s a marriage of ecofriendly matrimony between caramelized bamboo and recyclable tubes that will set you way apart from those dingy and wasteful old booths littering trade shows everywhere.

recyclable tube tradeshow building system

Adding pieces to the ‘total impact’ puzzle ...

Join us as representatives from Dow, GM, HPE and more discuss the effects of new or newly reported types of impact — including quantifying the benefits of circularity initiatives and contributions to SDGs — on companies’ sustainability agendas, November 19 at New Metrics '19.

How the recyclable tube system works

Recyclable tubes come in all sizes and dimensions, so not only are they incredibly strong and durable, the types of projects they can be used for is limited only by your imagination! They are strong enough to use for product displays, booth structural columns, furniture and even seating! We have a wide variety of wooden fixtures that can be attached to accommodate shelves, displays, signage, banners, TV screens and anything you can think of! Screw tube to tube; and notch feet onto the bottom tube. Slide clips onto tubes. It’s really that simple. Check out some pictures of some of the component parts:

components of recyclable tradeshow booth construction

The recyclable tube system is durable and earth friendly!

For companies that are interested in adopting sustainable design practices and utilizing green, recyclable materials for their custom tradeshow booths, the choice of which materials to use can be challenging. That is why our recyclable tube tradeshow booth construction system is 100% biodegradable and earth friendly. Not only that, all the components of the tubed booth design system are incredibly strong! The tubes are so strong, they are easily used for booth structure and support columns, seating and furniture!

strength of the recyclable tradeshow tube design system

We have done dozens of recyclable tube booths utilizing a variety of woods and for a variety of brands. Not only are these booths eyecatching and durable, but they also clearly convey your organization's values and commitment to environmentally friendly business practices. Here are a few examples of our work designing booths out of paper tubes.

environmentally friendly tradeshow booth design system using recyclable tubes

tradeshow display using recyclable tubes

Integrates Well With Other Booth Systems

The recyclable tube booth construction system can build most anything you need in your convention display space; but it’s fun to mix it up with other pieces. For example, it pairs wonderfully with Boothster’s notched card tradeshow booth design system.

recyclable tubes combined with the new notched card tradeshow booth construction system

To learn more about Boothster's new recyclable tube tradeshow booth construction system or how Boothster can help your company or organization with eyecatching, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design, check out our product catalog, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!


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