Press Release
It All Started With Bubble Wrap:
Announcing Our Annual Sustainability Report

Since our company’s founding, Sealed Air has provided solutions for our customers and solutions for the world. From the start, Bubble Wrap was truly revolutionary both as a product and as a value proposition. It could reduce total packaging cost by using less material, reduce packaging size and weight, and reduce loss from damage. In other words, it promoted sustainability long before it was fashionable. Today, we have grown far beyond Bubble Wrap. We employ more than 24,000 employees, operate 145 manufacturing facilities, and have 35 packaging and equipment design centers. We generate roughly 7.8 billion dollars of business in more than 175 countries primarily through three divisions. • Food Care – which through packaging and cleaning solutions improves access to a safer, higher quality and more sustainable food supply chain. • Diversey Care – which offers solutions for infection prevention, kitchen hygiene, fabric care and building care. • Product Care – which resolves the demanding specialty and protective packaging challenges for our customers in an ever changing world. Two years ago we united our divisions and our Company under a new logo, called the Trillian, whose three sides represent our commitment day in and day out to deliver on our value proposition. The Trillian reminds us that everything we do is about: * Sustainability * Performance * Cost Competitiveness We are fully conscious that our best path to helping our customers win and make the world a better place is to deliver highly sustainable, superior products and cost competitive solutions. We no longer sell packaging; we sell increased shelf life. And this shelf life provides access to healthy food and reduces waste, which in turn contributes to increased food security and environmental benefits. We no longer sell cleaning products; we sell hygiene. Proper hygiene benefits communities the world over, from the most advanced cities to villages in remote areas. We no longer sell packaging that simply delivers what consumers buy. We sell product security that helps our customers reduce costs associated with breakability, returns and reshipment, and in turn reduces the environmental impacts such as additional waste and energy. We accomplish all of this without sacrificing performance or cost. We have been shifting from a product focus to a market focus and are implementing new disciplines to drive value we create for customers. We see the world as increasingly in convulsion with the intersecting of sustainability, technology and business. For Sealed Air and its customers to succeed we must harness these themes in ways that drive our company forward. Sustainbility is not just aspirational talk at Sealed Air. We have established a set of quantifiable sustainability goals that will drive our sustainability strategy through the year 2020 and beyond, and hold us accountable to always innovate with respect for the resources we use and the communities we operate it. Learn more about the success stories our customers are already experiencing and our 2020 Sustainability Goals in our annual sustainability report: .


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