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Press Release
Kimberly-Clark Awarded Singapore Sustainable Business Award for Water Management

Earlier this week, Kimberly-Clark was awarded the Singapore Sustainable Business Award for Water Management, presented during the Responsible Business Forum Singapore. The company has made significant investments towards supporting the water needs of the communities in which they operate. In order to minimize its water use, ambitious water reduction targets have been set. Recently, the company exceeded its Sustainability 2015 goal of a 25 percent reduction in water use while maintaining the quality of discharge in manufacturing - between 2010 and 2014, Kimberly-Clark’s manufacturing facilities in Asia Pacific reduced their water consumption by 41%. Another highlight comes from Kimberly-Clark’s Millicent Mill in South Australia, where the team proactively worked with a range of community stakeholders to identify opportunities to further improve the quality of their waste water and reduce their water usage. This partnership had a significant impact on the overall health of nearby Lake Bonney, which was re-opened for recreational use after decades of closure.

With a vision to lead the world in essentials for a better life, Kimberly-Clark is recognized today for delivering its products in ways that prioritize clean air and water, healthy forests and strong communities. The company also won the Sustainable Business Award – Large Enterprise category at the annual Singapore Sustainability Awards last month. The Singapore Sustainable Business Awards 2015, organized by Global Initiatives in partnership with global consulting firm, PwC, presented 13 awards to businesses for their efforts to improve the well-being of employees both in their supply chain and in their local communities.

The awards criteria include a quantitative assessment of companies' environmental impacts, and the final results were decided by a national advisory panel. Global Initiatives established the Sustainable Business Awards in 2012 with the aim of encouraging organizations to integrate sustainable business into their strategy and operations; and to continuously improve and report their progress. The awards have taken place in the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore, and will be launching in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia from 2016. See[url=] Kimberly-Clark’s 2014 Sustainability report and stories[/url] to learn more about how the company is achieving its goals. [b]Media contacts:[/b] Terry Balluck Kimberly-Clark Corporation +1.972.281.1397 [url=mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url]


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