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Leading By Example:
Sustainable Brands Partners With South Pole Group to Power Next Generation of Events With Renewable Energy

Zurich, Switzerland, and San Francisco, United States, 14 February, 2017 - The momentum in renewable energy has accelerated and made the transition to a low-carbon economy more inevitable. As more organizations set targets of growing the share of renewable energy in their consumption, being able to trace the origin of energy and the impacts of renewable energy procurement has never been more important.

It is against the backdrop of this global transition that Sustainable Brands® and leading sustainability solutions provider South Pole Group announce their partnership on renewable energy. Sustainable Brands will continue to lead by example with its 2017 event series: it will bring together movers and shakers to help shift the world toward a sustainably flourishing future, but also ensure that the direct impact of hosting these discussions is reduced with South Pole Group’s premium renewable energy solutions.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Sustainable Brands for the second consecutive year,” says Christian Dannecker, Director, Sustainable Supply Chains, South Pole Group. “Our premium renewable energy certificates (RECs) will ensure that the electricity powering Sustainable Brands’ events comes from truly sustainable sources. Sustainable Brands will, for instance, be able to trace the source of the green electricity of their Copenhagen-based event to our PrimePower hydro plant in the Swiss Alps

In addition to ensuring that the 2017 event series is powered by renewable energy, Sustainable Brands’ RECs will also support specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)with renewable energy projects that have an additional eco-label attached to them. For example, through its investment in South Pole Group’s GoldPower-labeled project in Thailand, Sustainable Brands is furthering the creation of multiple skilled job opportunities within local communities, as well as regional infrastructure improvements in direct alignment with Thai national sustainable development goals.

“Sustainable Brands sparks and enables transformational leadership across so many levels creating the right environment for collaborations that ignite new forms of shared value,” says David Fiss, Executive Producer of Live Events at Sustainable Brands. “SB events are designed with greater focus on the participant experience and produced with event management policies and commitments that maximize positive impacts and minimize potential negative ones. We are honored to be participating in South Pole Group’s GoldPower projects this year.”

The South Pole Group and Sustainable Brands partnership will cover the renewable electricity consumption of the following events:

  • SB’17 Tokyo, March 8-9, 2017
  • SB’17 Detroit, May 22-25,2017
  • SB’17 Copenhagen, October 30-November 1, 2017
  • SB’17 Bangkok, November 2017
  • New Metrics ‘17, November 13-15, 2017

About South Pole Group’s GoldPower project in Thailand: Innovative solar photovoltaic technology has been recently installed in two agricultural provinces in Thailand, generating over 147K MWh of clean electricity per year. The photovoltaic power plants offer a welcomed support in improving Thailand’s energy security and decreasing dependence on imported fossil fuels and natural gas. Multiple skilled job opportunities have been also created, with the majority of workers coming from local communities.

About South Pole Group’s PrimePower project in Switzerland: PrimePower Guarantees of Origin (GO) provide information for electricity customers on the source and specific quality of their electricity, and enable companies to reach their energy reduction targets and fulfill reporting requirements. The PrimePower hydro plant in the Swiss Alps offers sustainably generated electricity from a local power plant, selected according to strict ecological criteria.

About South Pole Group: South Pole Group is a leading provider of global sustainability solutions and services. The company has delivered climate-proven solutions to a wide range of public, private and civil society organisations for over a decade. Areas of expertise cover key areas of corporate climate action, climate-related investment risks & impacts, sustainable supply chains, green finance, as well as renewable energy and energy efficiency. A pioneer in emission reduction and renewable energy projects, South Pole Group has been consistently rated by Environmental Finance’s Voluntary Carbon Market Survey as one of the most successful carbon market service providers in the world. For more information, visit or follow the company @southpolegroup.

About Sustainable Brands: Sustainable Brands® is the premier global community of brand innovators who are shaping the future of commerce worldwide. Since 2006, our mission has been to inspire, engage and equip today’s business and brand leaders to prosper for the near and long term by leading the way to a better future. Digitally published news articles and issues-focused conversation topics, internationally known conferences and regional events, a robust e-learning library and peer-to-peer membership groups all facilitate community learning and engagement throughout the year. Sustainable Brands is hosted by Sustainable Brands Worldwide, a division of Sustainable Life Media headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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South Pole Group

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Sustainable Brands

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