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Press Release
Radisson Hotel Group Committed to Responsible Tourism and Resource Conservation

Some businesses like hotels face more than challenges than others when it comes to saving energy and resources. Radisson Hotel Group has discovered efficient ways to work with key businesses and organizations to generate value not just within the business but on a global scale.

Radisson Blue cuts energy bill by $100,00 over 3 years

Radisson Blu in Sydney, a Radisson Hotel Group hotel, saved $100,000 in energy costs over 3 years by working with Make it Cheaper, an energy comparison service in Australia. The company’s expertise and business insight helped Radisson Blu choose a suitable plan for their needs, such as powering energy-intensive facilities like pools, spas, and restaurants.

Make it Cheaper recommends automated tools to control energy settings, using their transparent feature which allows businesses to see and take advantage of how energy prices change throughout the day, and paying attention to power ratings when buying new equipment to ensure long-term energy cost savings.

With $100,00 saved from energy costs, Radisson Blu is able to reinvest elsewhere in the business and focus on other operational needs.

Radisson towel reuse initiative improves 15,000 lives worldwide

Radisson hotel Group partnered with Just a Drop, a safe water and sanitation charity in 2015 to ensure children have access to safe drinking water around the globe. The group asks hotel guests to reuse their towels, and for each one reused, the hotel makes a donation to the charity. The group expanded its towel reuse program to Radisson RED and Radisson Collection hotels, raising money to bring safe drinking water to 15,002 across projects in Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru, and India. More than 3.4 million towels have been reused, a testament to the group’s commitment to responsible tourism and water conservation.

Sven Wiltink, Radisson Hotel Group director of responsible business EMEA, said: “Every day, we work toward building a better collective future. As part of our sustained focus on water stewardship, we pay close attention to reducing the use of water in our operations.

“Through our strong partnership with Just a Drop, we are also able to help bring water, sanitation and hygiene to local communities. It’s brilliant to see the impact of such a classic initiative as the towel reuse programme contributing both to our water reduction and providing clean drinking water at the same time.”

Fiona Jeffery OBE, Just a Drop founder and chairman,: “Radisson Hotel Group’s partnership with Just a Drop clearly demonstrates the impact businesses can have on the sustainability agenda.”

Radisson Hotel Group is leading the way in corporate social responsibility, specifically in responsible tourism and energy and water conservation. Through strategic partnerships, businesses can incorporate sustainable initiatives into their business strategies.


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