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Reconciliation at BCLC Starts With Listening

The discovery of 215 unmarked graves of children who attended the Kamloops Residential School, just a short distance away from BCLC's Kamloops head office, continues to impact all at BCLC in different ways.

As many Indigenous Elders have shared, this is the first of many unmarked graves to be discovered at former residential school sites across the county, including 751 recently discovered at the site of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan.

As a Kamloops-based business, BCLC must understand how to support their Indigenous players, colleagues, community members and leaderswhile grasping the enormity of this loss.

Their first step: Listening.

BCLC organized and hosted a Sharing Circle on June 10, 2021, led by two Indigenous Elders : Adele Fletcher and Shirley Gambler - both from the Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society - and then conducted a Smudging Ceremony.

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